Structured Water Videos

Learn more about what Structued Water is, the science and benefits!

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Tanya Memme presents the Structured Water Technology by Natural Action Technologies. Tanya is a Canadian actress and television presenter best known for hosting Sell This House.

Tanya Memme and Clayton Nolte talk about how to use the portable.

Clayton Nolte, inventor and found of Natural Action Technologies talks about what Structured Water is.


The SCIENCE of Structured Water 5 part video series. Jon Butts, VP Production and Application Engineer of Natural Action Technologies talks about the science behind our free-flow devices in a five part series. VIEW NOW…

Jon Butts explains his background and how he got introduced to Clayton Nolte & Natural Action Technologies.

Jon talks about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, H2O is birthed out of water, Transmutation, Cold Fusion and Metatron’s Cube

Jon talks about What is Structured Water, Cancellation Factor, Organization/Cohesion, Turbulance/Vortexing and Bandwidth

Jon talks about Solid Awareness, Left/Right Cancellation Forces, Surface Tension, Dowsing Rods & Holistic Value

Jon talks about Telepathy, String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Phi Ratio & Manifestation